Yuga Labs Expands Technical and Creative Partnerships to Assist in Expansive Vision for Otherside and Joins the Board of OMA3 to Further Interoperable Metaverse Standards
CM Team
2 minutes

Yuga Labs is excited to announce new strategic partnerships that will propel the development of Otherside. 

We’ve always intended for Otherside to be technologically versatile, where our community takes an active role in its creation. These global partners bring together the expertise to help us realize that vision.

Our best-in-class partners include: 

For more, read our official press release here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/yuga-expands-technical-and-creative-partnerships-to-assist-in-expansive-vision-for-otherside-and-joins-the-board-of-oma3-to-further-interoperable-metaverse-standards-301933418.html