Otherside Relics by Gucci Has Arrived
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Otherside Relics by Gucci

Earlier last week, we celebrated a new milestone as we laid the foundation for our partnership with the luxury fashion house and web3 early adopter, Gucci. Our debut collaboration, KodaPendant, the first Otherside Relics by Gucci, features physical and digital activations in Otherside: Legends of the Mara (LoTM)

Yuga Labs and Gucci create Otherside Relics to push the boundaries at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and gaming. Throughout our extensive partnership, we will work together to engage Voyagers in immersive experiences at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and technology.

To participate, eligible Voyagers must complete Koda decoupling and Vessel claims coming soon. Each of these are separate blockchain transactions that will result in the burning and creation of NFTs. These steps are also prerequisites to purchase a limited-edition KodaPendant. The sale encompasses a digital metadata update for the buyers’ Koda and Vessel NFTs, cosmetic options in Otherside that include a branded chat handle and trail VFX, plus redemption of a physical Gucci pendant.  

Eligibility via Koda decoupling and Vessel claims 

Koda decoupling is a part of a separate Otherside activation where Otherdeeds with Kodas will be burned to produce two new NFTs – one new Otherdeed without a Koda, and one new Koda NFT, independent from the former Otherdeed. To become eligible to purchase the  KodaPendant, you must hold a Koda or Vessel NFT. 

You can become eligible for the KodaPendant sale by claiming a Vessel. All Otherdeed holders will have a chance to claim a Vessel, and the claim period will remain open indefinitely. Similar to Koda decoupling, the Vessel claim will involve burning and minting of new NFTs for the Vessel, and for the Otherdeed. 

KodaPendant, an Otherside Relic by Gucci

On April 6, a total of 3,333 KodaPendants will become available for purchase at https://kodapendant.otherside.xyz/. The purchase itself will be gated to Koda and Vessel NFT holders and consists of a metadata update which generates a “KodaPendant” trait in the NFT’s metadata. Once the pendant trait has been purchased and the metadata refreshes, there will be a visual update with your Koda or Vessel wearing a KodaPendant and a Gucci-branded frame.  

Purchasing the metadata update for Vessels yields the same results as purchasing the update for Kodas, with the exception of the visual art update is more incremental as the Vessels “evolve” into Maras and Kodamaras. Each update may take a few minutes after the transaction to be reflected on marketplaces. Once complete, the metadata update cannot be reverted. Only the original Koda and/or Vessel image (without the visual update) may be used for commercial purposes under the license, the version with the KodaPendant trait may not. A PNG of the original Koda (which will not have the KodaPendant trait) may be downloaded from your collector profile on otherside.xyz. Holders do not have commercial rights to use the Gucci logo or character font under any circumstances. 


Along with the metadata purchase, the physical KodaPendant will be available for claim on a Gucci site this summer. Made entirely of 925 sterling silver, the Koda-shaped pendant is a nod to Yuga Labs’ Otherside, while the eyes and the interlocking G chain bring in Gucci’s instantly recognizable GG logo. The back of each piece is engraved with a unique edition number. Follow @OthersideMeta on Twitter and join the official Discord for claim and shipping updates. Delivery restrictions apply, please check the FAQ for details prior to purchase. 

Trading your Koda or Vessel before redeeming physicals will result in the new owner being eligible to claim the physical as long as they provide a shipping address that is listed within the eligible countries.

Once the sale begins, it will remain open for 24 hours or until the digital KodaPendants sell out – whichever happens first. The sale will be entirely in ApeCoin, and to participate, you must use a Metamask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect-supported crypto wallet. Warm.xyz will be supported for token delegation. 

For more information on metadata updates, utility, and user support, please see the Gucci Kodapendant FAQ.


GM Voyagers!

The physical KodaPendant claim will take place at https://kodapendant.gucci.com. Do not click on links unless you have determined they are safe. You can also cross-reference with this blog and official brand communication channels.