The HV-MTL Reveal: What You Need to Know
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Started at the butthole and now we’re here. What to expect, our trait system, HV rarity & more.

Unlocking the Garage

HV holders, you can now head over to to get a new look at the HVs in your wallet. Both and options are available.

The HV-MTL Reveal: What You Need to Know

A little while back, a whole bunch of you sped through the sewers beneath the swamp to try to win the privilege of pulling a key from the spacetime-tearing anus of a monkey. Probably you’re not Mongraal; probably you failed.

The key opened a chest with stories painted on it. The chest contained a Power Source and a bone-shaped remote. 

Next thing you knew, you had a Power Source of your own. 

Today, your Power Source reveals a sentient form.

What's inside?

Your Power Source already received its metadata update and is ready to admire on the marketplaces. (If your HV is still in its previous form, maybe it’s feeling shy. Refresh the metadata on its marketplace listing and give it a few.)

Our trait system: the method to the madness

There are eight types of HVs, and over 1,050 traits across the collection. The trait system for the HV-MTL collection was developed based on a steep rarity scale within each HV-MTL class. It was not a simple journey to select the proper model that would rank the rarity of each of the HV’s. Gary’s weed definitely didn’t help. Or it helped a lot.

We experimented with 5 different models that measured the similarities and distances between each of the HV-MTLs. These models were based on Probabilistic, Jaccard, Cosine, Euclidean, and Manhattan distance indices. After several cycles, the Yuga art team and game team chose to implement the Probabilistic formula. This formula best reflected what we wanted to express with the rarity ranking of the collection based on Dookey Dash ranks while also spreading different types of traits across the collection.

How does this affect HV rarity? 

The token IDs for HV-MTLs were assigned based on their Sewer Pass ranking in Dookey Dash. The Probabilistic formula allows for the HV’s rarity ranking to correspond with its token ID. 

Your final Sewer Pass rank from Dookey Dash is where the HV will land in terms of rarity once it has been summoned. In other words, the rarity of your HV is predetermined based on that ranking and is not randomized upon summoning. If you’re still holding onto a ranked Sewer Pass don’t forget that the only way to participate in HV-MTL: Forge (the next game activation) is by summoning your Evo 1 from it. 

TL;DR? Your HV-MTL’s token ID is also your HV-MTL’s rarity ranking within our rarity ranking model.

Unlocking the Garage

HV holders, you can now head over to to get a new look at the HVs in your wallet. Both and options are available.

Ok, off you go

Have fun and remember: your unique HV is a dynamic NFT that evolves based on your decisions. Don't fuck this up.