HV-MTL Forge: Build. Flex. Fight. Evolve. 
CM Team
5 minutes

HV-MTL Forge is now live. Your mission: help your HV unlock its next evolution.

Your HV is relying on you to get rare upgrades and evolve into an Evo2.

You’ll do this by keeping your HV happy while building the ultimate forge, as voted on by discerning degens — your fellow HV holders.

Before we dive into specifics, take a minute to watch the gameplay trailer below.

HV-MTL Forge: What you need to know

You can now search via HV ID using the Amp Checker site here to be displayed the AMP that is attached to that HV ID.

HV-MTL Forge is a game that starts as a casual world builder and pet game and ends as a competitive dungeon crawler. Originally summoned as mysterious little cubes called Power Sources, the HVs of the HV-MTL collection are now in their Evo1 state. Your HV is relying on you to earn up to 6 powerful upgrades for its Evo2 form.

At least 3 of these powerful upgrades known as AMPs will be needed for your HV to reach its Evo2 state, and any HV that participates in a season (regardless of rank) will earn an AMP.

Daily voting by other HV holders will determine your seasonal leaderboard ranking. The seasonal ranking will ultimately decide the rarity of the AMP you earn. HV-MTL Forge will last for 6 seasons giving players 6 chances at upgrades. 

Once the 3rd season comes to a close, HV’s with the required energy will be able to enter The Rift. 

Before you ape into the Forge, make sure to review the Game Guide and FAQ released earlier this week for all the details on how to best care for and build with your HV.

Not reading all that? Both the HV-MTL Forge explainer and Leaderboard breakdown videos can be found below. Still have questions after watching both? Head on over to the official BAYC discord.