Reimagined by Wagmi-san – Grailed PUMA Slipstreams are 1:1 classics.
10 minutes

Grailed PUMA Slipstreams

Taking refuge in an ancient temple, a young Wagmi-san realizes the next level in his pursuit of craftsmanship after sketching shoes on a barefoot PUMA mural. Once the dust settles Wagmi-san and PUMA enact their reinvention of a classic style. This collection of 2,000 NFTs and matching 1:1 physicals is centered around 21 PFPs and PUMA's Slipstream sneaker. 


To qualify for the Grailed PUMA Slipstream Mint Pass allowlist sale, you must hold either a PUMA Nitro, Gucci Grail, or a finished Level 1 or Level 2 10KTF item. 

Register for the allowlist on beginning April 25, 2023 at 11:00 AM PT.  

10KTF allowlist (Levels 1 +l 2, and Gucci Grail) 

PUMA allowlist (Puma Nitro) 

Allowlisted wallet addresses can purchase one Mint Pass from on April 27, 2023. 

Registration for the allowlist does not guarantee you will receive an allowlist spot. Mint Passes are marked with a European (EU) shoe size. Quantities are limited, sizes cannot be guaranteed.

Mint passes expire May 10, 2023 at 3:00 PM PT and exist strictly as collectible beyond this time. 

Sale and Redemption

To participate in Wagmi-san’s first physical sneaker release, you will need a Mint Pass. 

You must meet the criteria for the Mint Pass allowlist sale registration outlined above. 

When purchasing your Mint Pass, carefully select an EU shoe size for the Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals. The EU shoe size marked on the Mint Pass will be the size of Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals delivered. That shoe size will be permanently associated with the Mint Pass and cannot be altered. 

Use a sizing chart for accurate conversions and trade carefully.

Beginning May 3, Mint Passes can be redeemed for a Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT for use in the 10KTF ecosystem, including Missions. Equipping these to your loadout will yield point totals comparable to Level 2 Combat Boots. During the redemption process, you will also order your Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals. Wagmi-san will provide a preview of your 1:1 Physicals.

Grailed Slipstreams are intended to take you anywhere. Wear them to work, at home, in, and beyond. 

Physical Claim

Redemption for physicals begins May 3 and ends May 10. To redeem matching physicals, you must hold an NFT from 1 of 21 supported PFP collections listed in the product FAQ page. The NFT and physicals are crafted in the image of your avatar. Gucci Grail and PUMA Nitro NFTs may enter the allowlist registration, however a different NFT from a supported project must be used for minting and physical redemption. 

At the time of redemption, the Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT will be linked to the minting wallet and cannot be transferred to a different wallet without scanning the NFC chip located inside the Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals and completing authentication on All future transfers of this NFT will require scanning of the Physical. 

Grailed PUMA Slipstream Physicals are highly customized and will require several months to complete. Shipping is expected to begin this winter.