Welcome to the club, Daniel
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Welcome to the club, Daniel

It’s hard to believe, but Yuga is still less than two years old. In that short amount of time the business, our ambitions, and the complexity of our projects have grown beyond our wildest expectations.

We have a clear vision of how Yuga can continue to lead in web3, and we’re unshakeable in our conviction of how NFTs will reinvigorate the gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle industries while opening up a space of possibility we can’t conceive of yet (though we are starting to). 

When it comes to the metaverse we’re competing with giants. In order to catapult Otherside and our other ambitious projects to new heights, we’ve known for a long time we wanted to bring in someone with a proven track record of building at the highest possible level. Knowing this, Nicole, Wylie, and I have been on the hunt for the right candidate.

Our search led us to Daniel Alegre who will become Yuga Labs’s new CEO in the first half of 2023. Daniel is a seasoned, visionary executive who shares our passion for innovation and creativity. 

Daniel has vast experience scaling media and gaming companies. As President and Chief Operating Officer at Activision Blizzard, he has helped build on an impressive portfolio of global gaming franchises like World of Warcraft (one of our personal favorites), Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, and Candy Crush. He also spent over 16 years at Google where he was the company’s President of Global and Strategic Partnerships, President of Shopping, and Payments as well as President of Asia Pacific and Latin America throughout his career there.

Our friend and confidant, Nicole Muniz, will stay on as a partner and a valued strategic advisor. From the earliest days when we called her constantly for advice, to joining as an official partner in late 2021, to becoming the company’s first CEO in January 2022, Nicole’s contributions helped build the infrastructure we needed to scale. We look forward to continuing to work closely with her. 

We know we still have a lot to do. We’re extremely bullish on NFTs and the utility this technology brings in the long term. Yuga Labs will continue to stretch the boundaries of what is possible and keep our community updated on all the cool shit we’re working on along the way.