Apes Come Home
CM Team
5 minutes

Voyagers, it's about that time again. We've been busy planning, building, and rebuilding (more on that later) to get you into Otherside. In just a few weeks you’ll get a taste of those efforts.

First, we need to set the record straight – this isn’t a third trip, a finished product being launched, nor a persistent Otherside that you’ll come back to daily for the next six years. Apes Come Home is an experience which is part of our ongoing (renewed!) effort to demonstrate to you how we are evolving Otherside, and we're doing that by trying something new here.

This experience will be largely unguided; meaning you, the player, will decide how to make your own fun. We want to encourage exploration and socialization, so we're going to give you some new tools to experiment with. We believe that the best experience is going to be one that the players control. We want to continue to take things in that direction and we’re hoping it resonates with you. 

The Big News:

Apes are Coming Home to Bored Ape Island. For all but a few hundred of you, this will be the first time seeing and inhabiting your actual 3D Ape. Making all 10,000 individual Apes in 3D was no small feat - it’s the culmination of years of work by our dedicated team members, but it’s just the beginning of our avatar journey. We will continue to roll out updates to existing avatars and introduce entirely new collections. (Yes, more this year!)

Bored Ape Island is our first true Otherside map. It’s massive, and there’s lots to explore. We’ll speak on this more as we get closer to the event.

Who Can Attend:

Otherdeed Holders, Kodas, Apes, Mutants, and GTag holders… you’re in.

Deed holders and Kodas, we want to make it clear you’re part of the biggest Otherside experiences. We plan on including you in most every public tentpole event that takes place in Otherside. That’s an OD holder perk. 

Meebits need a proper introduction to Otherside. Meebit avatars and Meetropolis are in their last phase of development, so hang tight, we’ve got something special cooking for MB1.3 this Spring. It’s our next thing.

What’s with the Goat?

Not real sure. Seems dangerous. Beware of Goat.


Apes Come Home will be a series of events hosted on the same day to accommodate attendees from across the globe and in different time zones. Each hosted event will be optimized for a specified region to provide the best experience.

Event Date: 02/29/2024
Asia Pacific Event:
7PM HKT | 11 AM UTC | 6 AM ET

Europe Event:
7PM UTC | 2 PM ET | 3 AM HKT

North America Event:
8 PM EST | 1 AM UTC(+1 day) | 9 AM HKT(+1 day)


Accessing Apes Come Home (ACH)

Accessing ACH will require creating an Otherside account using an email address and password.  Once an account is created, a one-time wallet connection will be required to verify asset ownership prior to entering ACH. More info on registering for an account, linking a wallet, and the pre-registration period before ACH will be posted in a future blog update. Be sure to only use official links and cross-check links prior to connecting a wallet.  

First Trip Obelisk Piece

As communicated on Twitter and by the Community Team, Voyagers who attend ACH WILL be eligible to earn the FIRST TRIP Obelisk Piece.  All Otherdeeds held in the connecting wallets will receive this metadata update. If you received the FIRST TRIP Obelisk piece on your Otherdeed already, there will be no change in metadata. We will continue to support Voyagers in their journey by giving Voyagers the opportunity to obtain their FIRST TRIP Obelisk piece in future activations beyond ACH. Obelisk pieces can be viewed following the event at Otherside.xyz/my-otherdeeds.  

Tech Specs / Requirements

20 MBPS internet connection

Mac - Chrome and Safari
Windows - Chrome and Edge (chromium kernel)

Supported Versions:

Chrome - 120 or above
Edge -
120 or above
Safari (Mac) - 12 or above

Optimal Control Devices:

Xbox Controller, Mouse and Keyboard.

Supported Regions

Voyagers from around the globe will be able to participate in the event.

Wallet Delegation

Warm.xyz and Delegate.xyz will be supported.

Trip Safety

Reminder - ​​there will be no surprise tests or events, and the link to access ACH will be cross posted on this account, Otherside.xyz, and the Otherside discord server: http://discord.gg/the-otherside

Registration Walkthrough

To join ACH, users will need to create an Otherside account using an email address and password. A wallet must be connected to this account (can be through Warm.xyz wallet delegation) to verify NFT ownership as admission to the event.  If your assets do not show up after connecting your wallet, please contact support through Otherside Discord Ticket or [email protected].

Your Otherside account will be your hub for accessing events and your name will be your identity in Otherside moving forward.  Your display name should match your account name, and will be displayed while you’re in an Otherside event.

1) Click Sign In:

2) Click Create A New Account:

3) Enter your email address:

4) Enter account information (including verification code sent to email) DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANYONE.

5) Connect your wallet.  This will verify any eligible NFTs for entering into ACH.  Warm.xyz and Delegate.xyz wallet connection is supported for ACH.

6) Launch the experience (during a specified event time)