All things Boutique for ApeFest Hong Kong
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BAPE® X BAYC linked up to take their fans back to the early 2000s when streetwear brands were more avant garde and didn’t take themselves too seriously. The collection is brought to life in an array of apparel, footwear, and accessories that are loud, irreverent, and reminiscent of the laid back opulence that both brands embody. 

Key garments include a coach’s jacket mashing up the brands’ logos and names, as well as an early-2000s-inspired sneaker limited to 1,000 individually numbered pairs. A playful mix of their primate mascots — BAYC’s Curtis and BAPE’s BABY MILO® — is featured on a tee exclusive to Bored Ape holders. Rounding out the collection: irreverent twists on classic pullover hoodies, trucker caps, and other apparel, accessories, and home goods. 

BAPE® X BAYC also includes a remix to the classic BAPE STA™ with a clear, ice rubber outsole and ice rubber outsole showing Curtis. The 1,000 pairs of shoes produced for this limited collection are individually numbered with a second set of BAPE® X BAYC camo laces in the box. 

“This collection is reminiscent of a time where collecting streetwear was about being in the know, ahead of the curve” said Michael Ghory, VP of Apparel at Yuga Labs. “It offers our communities a twist on the classic designs from BAPE®’s vault, in extremely limited quantities, so apes are guaranteed to always stay unique.”

“Through immense and intense effort, BAPE® strives to present an unprecedented collaboration to both Web2 and Web3 communities where two can be easily collided nowadays, in the ever-changing fashion industry,” said Thomas Hui, Chief Operations Officer at BAPE® Hong Kong Limited. 

The BAPE® X BAYC collection drops exclusively for BAYC members at ApeFest and online at, with token-gated access on November 4th at 9 am HKT. Following ApeFest, BAPETAVERSE members can access online, and finally, in December the collection will be released at BAPE STORE® and BAPE.COM globally.

You can preview the BAPE® X BAYC sizing chart here.

ApeFest Hong Kong Apparel: 

ApeFest Hong Kong apparel will go live in-person and online on Friday, Nov. 3rd at 9AM HKT and will close online on Sunday, Nov. 19th.  The online store will be tokengated for BAYC/MAYC owners and will allow warm wallet delegation from and as well as an option to verify via your tokenproof wallet connection. Please note that there will only be one checkout per Ape for the online shop and one check out per Ape for the BAPE X BAYC drop. You will not be able to place more than 2 orders total so choose wisely! Apes can line up in person starting 2 hours before launch at 7 am HKT. Anybody lining up prior to 7AM HKT will be asked to leave the area. 

It is important to note that onsite orders will not ship to home. All orders placed in-person for both Friday and Saturday drops will be picked up on-site at the time of purchase. On-site shoppers will do their shopping and at the time of checkout will utilize an onsite QR code to complete their order. Ship to home orders will only be fulfilled on the website once live. The online shop will take place on

Here’s a look into the BAYC/MAYC Apefest HK drop:

Sizing Chart can be found below:

This will mark one of the first apparel drops in over 1 year. Before Aping in take a moment and run through the detailed boutique section of FAQ on for all you need to know regarding both Friday and Saturday drops.

Check back here soon for more details on the upcoming BAPE® X BAYC release.