A New Era for Yuga’s Gaming IP
5 minutes

Today marks a milestone for our IP, as we announce that Faraway is acquiring the LoTM and HV-MTL brands, incorporating them as preeminent collections in their current and future gaming products. These brands will, of course, remain closely connected to both Yuga and Otherside.

We’ve been in talks with Faraway for over a year now about the possibility of using our IP for games.  We started with a conversation around Legends of the Mara, which manifested the deeper gaming experience for Legends of the Mara: Rise. From there, we transitioned into a conversation around Dookey Dash as the mechanism to bring new users into Yuga’s interoperable gaming ecosystem, as well as the future plans for HV-MTL, Evo2, and Evo3.                                           

It became clear from the discussions that these IPs would accelerate under Faraway’s stewardship. By placing these gaming native brands under a company with true gaming DNA, they will have a more focused strategy around gaming-related activations, with dedicated resources to make them realize their full potential. Faraway has a proven track record, and an exciting vision that aligns with what we’ve always wanted to see realized for both these collections.

What Does this Mean for HV-MTL & LoTM?

We’re working with Faraway to burn the 4,000+ unrevealed HVMTLs held in Yuga Labs wallet, and Amp minting will now be managed by them. They have unveiled a points system, and are already dedicating their time, energy, and resources to creating a community home for HV-MTL and LoTM in the Faraway Discord server.

Faraway will own the following collections: 

  • HV-MTL
  • Sewer Passes
  • Otherside Vessels
  • Otherside Maras
  • Otherside Kodamaras
  • Otherside Ship parts
  • Otherside Catalyst
  • Otherside Partner Loot

Yuga still owns Kodas, which remain a central collection for Otherside, but they’ll participate in  Faraway’s points system too. Otherside will serve as a core component of these brands, and we’re committed to working closely with the Faraway team to ensure interoperability.

What Happens Next?

As part of this exciting development, our Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker will transition to the Faraway team as their Chief Product Officer to both bridge the two parties and accelerate the focus on these brands. Spencer has been instrumental in building Yuga’s gaming IP, and we will continue to work closely with him and the Faraway team. 

Interoperable assets are central to the strategies of both Yuga and Faraway, and this shift is a great example of how interoperability can work. We are confident that Farway will carry the torch for these collections, and I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come.